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We are a Manitoba based professional land surveying and planning company. Our products and services cover all aspects of planning, design, land surveys and construction surveying.

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Smart Professionals + Smart Technologies

Our wide range of private and public clients rely on our professional surveyors and design team for solutions to a variety of development issues, including land subdivision design, approval, surveying, industrial site control surveys and deformation monitoring. And our integration of cutting-edge technology such as laser scanning, high accuracy GPS and 3D visualization gives our clients the scalable and cost effective solutions they need now and for the future.

Partnering for the Future

No matter what your project, our experts can help you plan for it now and into the future. From land subdivision to condominium development, major construction projects to industrial design, your complete satisfaction is our number one goal. Contact us to learn more about how we can help. The consultation is free and could lead to cost-cutting solutions.

Design and Management

The Integrated Approach Design - Survey – Build - Verify The experience of our professional land surveyors and design experts ensures our clients get...

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Mapping & Environmental

Phillips and Stevens provides graphical data sets and visualizations to help our clients see the world in new ways. Our integration of remote sensing...

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UAV Assessment Services

Drone Surveys Phillips & Stevens uses unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs for our clients in Manitoba and throughout Canada that improve their bottom...

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Industrial Surveying & Construction Surveys

Whether our clients are building a mine site, creating a road or requiring sub-millimeter monitoring of industrial equipment, our professionals have the...

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Land Surveys and Planning

Our experience in digital design, surveying and land use planning translates into professional products and data that can help our clients realize their...

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Phillips & Stevens is an active industry supporter of:

Professional Surveyors Canada
Association of Manitoba Land Surveyors
Association of Canada Lands Surveyors
The National COR Standard Certificate of Recognition
Consulting Surveyors Manitoba