Save Time and Money Subdividing

Save Time and Money Subdividing Land in Winnipeg and Manitoba

Clients see us at the beginning of the subdivision process and save time and money. Some consumers do not start the subdivision process seeing us or another survey firm, and they end up paying more for that decision. Consumers spend more money and a lot more time for no reason other than they have been given bad advice. If you do a web search for ‘subdivision Manitoba’ or ‘subdivision Winnipeg’ and you will likely see the standard application documents. What you do not see is how to save time and money during this process and we provide some of that information here.

Urban and rural subdivisions have many different requirements depending on aspects such as lot drainage, street access, or easement requirements to name just a few. Most agencies are good at what they have to deal with, but do not see all the costs during the entire subdivision process to properly advise consumers. Our professionals at Phillips & Stevens have the experience to save you money and time when developing land.

Cut Subdivision Time in Half

Selecting a Manitoba Land Surveyor at Phillips & Stevens to advise you before you start your land development will easily cut your time required in half or more. So why is this? For starters, our professionals have the experience to know what to do first and what you will need during the process, before it is required. Why wait around for a secondary approval or design element when you don’t have to? Cut your subdivision cost and hassle and find out what is the best plan for you. Talk to our professionals and save the time and the money.

Cut Subdivision Costs

Doing the right things at the right time saves time, but it also saves a lot of cost during land development especially in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. We see many people who have been given questionable advice who then have to pay for additional works that should have been done at the start of the process. Many times these people think “I will do the application myself and try to save a few bucks” To this we say, take several hundred dollars out of your wallet and burn it, at least you can roast a marshmallow and get something out of it. This is how confident we are that you will save money by coming to see us first and we have the happy clients to prove it.

Get Even More

Our professional surveyors can also properly advise you in other subdivision elements such as development agreements, registrations and preliminary transfer agreements. Call us today to set up an appointment. The initial consultation is free and can put you on the right path to having more money and more time to spend it.

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