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Your schedule – No limits

Phillips & Stevens UAV solutions give you the flexibility you need and the accuracy you require. This approach gives you maximum flexibility so that we work on your schedule. No downtime is our goal with the fastest provable insured results in the industry.

Increased accuracy

Phillips & Stevens uses the latest in technology combined with licensed surveyors and photogrammetrists to ensure you get the most accurate data. Our track record is impeccable and we continue to bring options to market that exceed expectations.

Increased safety

Safety is number one at your company and Phillips & Stevens is right there with you. Our safety protocols have been refined to match the needs of the changing way companies operate. Our reporting includes hazard assessments that your company can use to prove compliance and keep your workplace safe.

Better reporting

Phillips & Stevens reporting leads the industry and provides the customisable analysis you expect. All reporting for our UAV service provides colour photo maps of an area. Seeing is believing and our tabular reports for volumes are first class as well, making your job easier.

Continuous monitoring

Our clients are already familiar with our clear and well illustrated reports and this service takes that to the next level. This gives you the ability to get continuous access to your information in near real time. For less cost than conventional surveys, you can have more information, more often, in less time.

All year long, anywhere

From Baffin Island to British Columbia, we go where you need us, and the weather is largely not an issue. Our trained technicians can get you the information you need, in even the remotest of places. It is what we do, and we love it.

Where to start

Call us today to set up your free consultation and take the next step in improving your bottom line. Our experts can help you get more for less and tailor a service that is right for you.

Phillips & Stevens is an active industry supporter of:

Professional Surveyors Canada
Association of Manitoba Land Surveyors
Association of Canada Lands Surveyors
The National COR Standard Certificate of Recognition
Consulting Surveyors Manitoba